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AdsTube—Portal for Consumer-Created Commercials

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imageAren’t internet banner ads and Ad Sense blurbs boring? Isn’t YouTube and “viral videos” a lot more exciting to watch? So, let’s reinvent the world of advertising, especially online advertising, by introducing AdsTube:

AdsTube is a website where branding companies and consumers meet together to create, select, and promote video commercials on the internet.

  • Sponsoring branding companies provide their own video commercials, and also complete a full profile and branding specifications as a “participating company”
  • Consumers then also post into AdsTube their homemade commercial video creations for such participating companies.
  • Viewer ratings posted in the portal help companies determine which videos to designate as one of their “official” affiliate program commercials.
  • Any blogger or webmaster who embeds an “official” affiliate commercials into their own blog and website can earn pay-per-view compensation.
  • The consumers who created the “official” affiliate commercial earns additional commission based on the number of video views.

Now, bloggers can incorporate video commercials into their blogs to earn video ad revenues and entertain their blog readers. Create a winning commercial video to make even more.

This is going to be huge.  Please read my full-post, and also please rate my idea! 

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imageWith aging population and fewer children, care-giving for elderly is becoming a big issue in the US.  This is a family care-giver social networking site where care-givers can help each other by exchanging care-giving tasks. 

  • Finding someone to help your mom on the dates / schedules you have conflicts with, while you cover the person on another occasion
  • Finding someone who lives in the neighborhood of your care-taker, while you help the person’s care-taker who lives in your neighborhood
  • Finding someone who is good at the task you are not good at (e.g. lifting), while you help the person for the task the person is not good at (e.g. cooking)

  • Setting up a social networking site ain’t rocket science. Read more details in the full post. 

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