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Home Chocolate Factory:  Chocolate maker and supplies

Plain 'ol egg -- average opportunity

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imageChocolate is the king of sweets.  Take a look around and you find so many kinds of chocolates, from low quality ones to high quality ones, and from 75% cacao chocolate bars to truffles.

The movie “Charlie and Chocolate Factory” has stirred the imagination of magical process of how chocolate is manufactured and sent to your pallet.

The question is, can we make it at home?  Actually, you can. You can make chocolate at home like you can make ice cream, and bread, or brew fresh expresso.  The only difference is that there’s no simple automatic “chocolate maker” as there are bread makers, ice cream makers, and expresso machines. 

This weeks’ new startup idea is the commercialized home chocolate maker and supplies, which will target consumers during the holiday gifts season. Want your Golden Ticket?

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SUV: The Ultimate Shower Tile Brush

Plain 'ol egg -- average opportunity

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imageIf you can name one place in your home where it’s difficult to clean and gets mildew regularly, where would it be? The answer for me are my shower tiles. I keep an old toothbrush in the shower to scrub the spots. If it gets too bad, I take out some Tilex to kill the bacteria, but hate the fuss of using chemicals.

One day I was looking at one of my favorite products found in my bathroom, the Sonicare toothbrush. The company had also recently launched a cool looking UV brush head sterilizer. I thought, what if we had a big sonic vibrating brush to scrub my bathroom tiles that could also beam out UV light to kill the bacteria? 

So here is my new concept, SUV: The Ultimate Shower Tile Brush.  If you are curious, please read my full post. 

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Emergency Vehicle Direction Detector

Great! The idea has legs!

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imageAgain when I was driving on the street today, I heard the emergency vehicle siren. I can not tell if it is coming from the back, front, right or left. What is worse, I am getting to an intersection, and I see a total chaos happening. 

I am sure you have experienced this. I do not know why there’s no product that detects and tells you from which direction it is coming. I think that would be a perfect product to be listed on channels like SkyMall and Sharper Image. The more details will follow in my full post.

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