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Trick or Treat? Healthy Halloween!

Great! The idea has legs!

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image“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” Don’t mind the “feet” part of this rhyme for now, but let’s do give the kids something good to eat this coming Halloween. But what’s “good”?

As a health food freak, I don’t like the idea of loading kids with Hershey’s chocolate bars or Kit-Kat bars (though they indeed are yummy). At the same time, I don’t want to see disappointed faces when I give out crackers and fruits. So this year, I am thinking about the well-proven business idea called repackaging.

Trick’em with healthy snacks and treat’em with imagination.

Let’s see if this article inspires you (or tricks you) into starting a new home business that may have legs. 

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Electro-Lite Diet Sports Drink

Plain 'ol egg -- average opportunity

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For the health-conscious person who exercises now and then, Electro-Lite is the diet sports drink that replenishes electrolytes to your body without all the sugar, so you can actually stay fit and healthy.

This concept takes advantage of the poor positioning by Gatorade on their sugar loaded sports drink and electrolyte poor fitness water. Learning from the business building approach of Odwalla, it aims to build a superior brand of beverage for health concerned average consumers. More detailed business strategy follows in the full-post.

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