End-to-end launch planning is the last challenge to get your product into mass retailers

This is the last article of the series of Six Tips for Getting Your Product into the Mass Retail Channel.  I would like to discuss the last and biggest challenge of getting your product into the mass retail channel – the launch coordination..... 

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What’s the Life Expectancy of Your Service Provider?

imageWhether or not your small business uses Vonage, dim news of the troubled internet phone company is a wake up call for all of us to reexamine the stability of all our service providers, especially those based on the ever-changing internet.

In case you haven’t heard, Vonage is sinking fast, after losing its second patent infringement lawsuit in a single year. If you’re a Vonage customer, it may be time to jump ship because your business phone number may not float for long.

If you’re not a Vonage customer, it still doesn’t mean your off the hook just yet.

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