Stop Spam by Routing Your Email Through an Anonymous Gmail Filter

imageThe anti-spam fortress for my small business consists of several defense mechanisms, of which routing all my email through an “anonymous” Gmail account is my knight in shining armor.

The general strategy here is not to use Gmail as your main business email account, but rather as an effective spam filter for your regular business email address.

The tactic involves routing all you email through Gmail prior to receiving the email in your primary email address and client, such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

This is the first article in my series Five Tips on How to Stop Spam Effectively

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Five Tips on How to Stop Spam Effectively

imageAbout a year ago, my small business was getting about 100 to 150 spam messages in each of our email accounts every day. These days, we’re getting about 1 to 2 spam messages on a bad day. Most days, it’s none at all.

I won’t go into how spam slows down your email server, kills your productivity, or is plain old offensive. We’ve all become too familiar with seeing flashes of “LegalRX Free Meds” and “ViA*gRa”, “Cheap Rolex and Cartier”, and the ilk!

Instead, I would like share with you some tricks I used to stop spam almost completely from reaching my business. 

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What’s the Life Expectancy of Your Service Provider?

imageWhether or not your small business uses Vonage, dim news of the troubled internet phone company is a wake up call for all of us to reexamine the stability of all our service providers, especially those based on the ever-changing internet.

In case you haven’t heard, Vonage is sinking fast, after losing its second patent infringement lawsuit in a single year. If you’re a Vonage customer, it may be time to jump ship because your business phone number may not float for long.

If you’re not a Vonage customer, it still doesn’t mean your off the hook just yet.

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The Big Customer Nightmare for Your Small Business

imageA Fortune 500 multinational corporation just signed on to buy 100,000 widgets from your small business. Shall we toast to champagne? Hold on to that cork, my dear friend! Actually, this may become your nightmare of all nightmares if you’re not careful.

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