Product Packaging Tips for Success in the Mass Retailer Channel

imageImagine this. A mass retailer had decided to stock your product! The product launch date became the best day of your life. But after the euphoria of only a few short-lived months, the retailer decided to de-list your product. You are left with inventory and debt, making it the worst day of your life.

There are so many ways to screw up your launch. Product packaging is one of the most important factors for a successful launch. Ugly looking or confusing packaging generally doesn’t sell. If users don’t like it, retailers won’t like it.

In this 5th article from my series of Six Tips for Getting Your Product into the Mass Retail Channel, I would like to discuss product packaging that can make your launch in the mass retailer channel successful. 

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How to Approach the Mass Retailer Buyer—Be Ready and Quick

imageThere’s seldom a second chance. You should not approach your mass retailer buyer if you are not ready to do business.

Entrepreneurs often excitingly send proposals to their key buyers only to never hear back from them. When they then try to catch their buyers on phone, they can’t reach them. Such entrepreneurs often feel left in the dark with uneasy disappointment. What did they do wrong? What’s the better way to win over the buyers?

In this fourth article from my series of Six Tips for Getting Your Product into the Mass Retail Channel, I would like to introduce the mass retailer buyer, and how to approach them. 

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How to Choose a Name for Your Small Business

imageThe first task we tend to do when creating a new startup idea is to decide upon its company name.  With a name, you feel the business is real and that you can finally start talking about it.

Choosing the right name can help potential customers find you, identify with you, and thus buy from you.

On the flip side of the coin, starting with the wrong name can cost you in the long term. Choosing the wrong name can mean the loss of previously attained page rank status on search engines, confusion among yours suppliers, and ultimately the loss of customers.

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Know the Mass Retail Channel

imageThe first tip from my series of Six Tips for Getting Your Product into the Mass Retail Channel is that you know your potential customer, meaning the mass retailer in this case. Jumping to this step assumes, of course, you already know the ins and out of your own product and end-consumer.

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Does A Small Business Really Need a Blog?

imageBlogging can be a wonderful marketing tool if you’re trying to build your personal brand as a lawyer, consultant, or other independent service provider. However, for promoting services and products as a business concern, I think using a blog is not only insufficient but also inefficient. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Is your Marketing Message on Target?


Believe it or not, I love watching television commercials. I’m serious. Television commercials are not only fascinating, but entertaining as well. For the business owner, it’s also free education.

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